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The post that never was. It sits in my drafts, and it mocks me.

Up The Wall


He watched her sit on the floor. Thankfully he’d managed to clean the floor here too. He put away the last of the groceries before he processed what she had said.

Walking over to her he put a hand on her shoulder, “Hey, it wasn’t entirely your fault, you were just reacting how anyone normal person would.” He felt like he wasn’t doing a good job comforting her. “For one they still haven’t said anything to us, for all you knew they could have tried to attack you or something.”

"Well, still. I should probably have reacted differently."

Serah reached up and used his coat to pull herself to her feet. Looking around the room, she rested her head on his shoulder, feeling tired and demoralized.

"You’ve been cleaning."

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❤ /blushes despite self/
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"…Yuj. I wasn’t expecting anything from you, but…"

-Gives a peck on the cheek-


“Why a chair?”

"You know what I mean."

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"Hey, Hope."

-Gives him a soft, gentle peck on the cheek-

—asked by snowyvilliers

-Jumps up and kisses him gratuitously-


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Kirby… o_o

Kirby is so adorable Serah, although he eats like crazy…

"He stole my chair."

Serah is secretly territorial about these things.

Send me a ’ ❤ ’ and I’ll kiss you.


Fione. I’ll do dis fuh once.

Meanwhile Serah is talking in my head going “why are you doing this to me”.

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I'm from the Island of Fangirls, where we all flail together: II
I'm from the Rubrum Peristylium Suzaku, the Magic Academy of the nation of Rubrum: |

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Hey, Yuj. What’re you doing way up there? Be careful, okay? If you fall you’ll get hurt.